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Our services

Saba website services

1- Advertisement reportage

The applicants of using this service can have three options, simultaneously:

Inserting the demanding news involving the projective report, interviewing the CEO of the company, and the technical information of the product lasting four days on the top six news of the website.

Inserting the Moving banner of the news in the size 320*170 pixels on the home page and linking the banner to the company’s website.

Inserting the title of the news on the spinning message part, and other pages of the website for a week.

2- Archives:

Saba website has the most comprehensive archive of energy in Iran, and the services consist of:

Updating the profiles of the applicant companies in the archive.

Allocating a separate webpage in the archives for the company

Inserting the CV of the CEO of the company in the archives of human resources of Saba website.

Inserting the name of the CEO in the archives of the webpages

Inserting the articles of the company in the archives of the webpage

The possibility of updating the details of the companies’ profile in the archives of Saba website.

The possibility of inserting the details of the companies’ activities along with projective reports.

Sending the newsletter of the company for the archive of Saba website members in electric, oil, and energy fields.

Inserting the logo of the company on the individual webpage of the archive and subgroup on the schematic chart of electric fields.

3 - Inserting  the  companies’  banner on the right and left sides of all pages  of  the website.

4 - Live broadcasting:

Live broadcasting of advertising teasers on the homepage with a high rate of visit.

Live broadcasting of audio files on the homepage.

5 - Sending mas SMS

6 - Inserting and sending congratulation messages for managers and complexes in question.

7 - Inserting and sending condolence messages for manager and complexes in question.

8 - Inserting the report of public communities and the result on the Saba website for public information.

9 - Inserting and informing call for employment of the experts as a formal source.

10 - Inserting the planning and details of workshops as a formal source.

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